Vilnius Open 2019 10 05 (Lithuania):

Baali vote –> PRE-AUS midcap –> Sha-Ennu (winner) –> Stanislava –> Harbingers mill toolbox

Vilnius saw a congregation of a mix of 16 Methuselahs from Lithuania, Poland, and Belarus for another battle in the eternal struggle that took place at the ancient cellars of the Rikis hobby center (the den of local vampires). Three rounds of ruthless fighting, wheeling, and dealing saw 5 Methuselahs fight it out in the final battle. Locals were represented by Nerijus Mikalajūnas with Baali vote deck, Julius Stonis with Stanislava as the lynchpin to bring the might of Camarilla on all and Jonas Klevas with Harbingers mill toolbox. Belarus saw to filling up the two other slots with Ivan Chebunin on AUS-PRE possessing ancillae and Anton Dudko with Sha-Ennu star powerbleed featuring CHI tricks. The first major balance shift comes straight out of the gate. Sha-Ennu gets Enkil Cog after the first bleed and bleeds Stanislava deck to the point Stanislava never comes out. Harbingers stall a bit better through poolgain and dealing. Momentum is on Baali’s side, but they, despite having a vote lock, fail 7 votes in a row until combined table vote defenses fail. Chimestry tricks finally cave in Harbingers who were in lunge range but never got the cards. Sha-Ennu burns to Baali Archon Investigation. But Baali were stalled enough for every pool to matter and have to rely on topdeck for a potential win which came one card too late. The last turn for Baali comes after the loss of Unleash the Hell’s Fury to a bounced ally bleed and consecutive bleeds by the remains of the Sha-Ennu minions. This is where Sha-Ennu deck without Sha-Ennu loses the last of its momentum and caves in to ancillae who oust their prey way too late to be in reach of a game win. Anton Dudko with his Sha-Ennu emerges the victor (3VP, GW) with Ivan Chebunin (2VP) second and Nerijus Mikalajūnas third (due to ranking first in the qualifiers).

We would like to sincerely thank all the participants. And a huge thanks goes to the sponsors of the event for the fantastic prize support. Thank you UltraPro and DeepCut Studio – you rock!

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming V:tES events in Vilnius!

The TWD of the event:

Deck Name: Unstoppable Sha Ennu

Author: Anton Dudko

Description: I think 7-8 Will-o-the-Wisps would be better. I couldn’t find so many and added 1 copy of Changeling, Fiendish tongue and Occlusion instead. Had no chance to play Golconda and Festivo delo Estinto. Probably they can be removed. Bujo – just for fun )

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=3 max=11 avg=5.75)


2x Elizabeth Westcott 5 ani cel vic AUS Tzimisce:3

1x Martin Franckel 3 tha AUS Tremere:3

5x Sha-Ennu 11 obf tha ANI AUS CHI VIC Tzimisce:4

4x Maman Boumba 4 inn mar Martyr:4

Library: 65 cards

Master (15 cards)


2x Fear of Mekhet

1x Festivo dello Estinto

1x Giant’s Blood

1x Golconda: Inner Peace 1x Information Highway

3x Jake Washington

1x Monastery of Shadows

1x Perfectionist

1x Secure Haven

1x Wider View

1x Coven, The

1x Dark Influences Action

(10 cards) ==================

8x Fiendish Tongue

1x Nightmare Curse

1x Bujo Action Modifier

(17 cards) ==================

3x Enkil Cog

4x Heart’s Desire

4x Will-o’-the-Wisp

6x Changeling Action Modifier/Combat

(3 cards) ==================

3x Occlusion Conviction

(3 cards) ==================

1x React with Conviction

1x Second Sight

1x Strike with Conviction Reaction

(16 cards) ==================

4x Guard Dogs

4x Army of Apparitions

2x On the Qui Vive

6x Telepathic Misdirection Event

(1 cards) ==================

1x Scourge of the Enochians